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Sruthi babu, facilitating the impaired peer group with assistive medical device “Sahayatha”

Sruthi Babu, Founder & CEO, Dhanvantri Biomedical Private Limited

I am Sruthi Babu, Founder & CEO of Dhanvantri Biomedical Private Limited medtech start-up increasing the activities of daily living in terms of defecation for the mobility impaired patients with its innovative product Sahayatha.

Dhanvantri Biomedical Private Limited

Company Profile

The start-up Dhanvantri Biomedical Private Limited have developed an innovative assistive medical device called “Sahayatha” to make the life of mobility-impaired easier, healthier and improved dignity.

Vision:  Better health and wellbeing for mobility impaired, now and for future generations.

Mission : To provide solutions for the defecation and locomotion for the immobile population at affordable cost with excellent quality.

  • Product Utility: Sahayatha a smart defecation cleansing assistive device for immobile population.
  • Sahayatha assists the patients in defecation cleansing with inbuilt defecation and cleansing assembly.
  • Helps the patients to maintain their dignity with hygiene. Inbuilt defecation   assembly in the Sahayatha reduces the patient transfer which occurs to perform their defection process.

Value proposition

For Immobile: 

  • Reduces the patient transfer, makes the defecation process easier, less dependent, hygiene with dignity.

For Nursing/ Caretaker:

  • It makes the process of defecation assistance and cleansing hassle free.
  • Reduces the negligence associated with the repeated manual care.

    For Hospital:

  • Reduces the time and labour involved in assisting the patients in transfer, and wait for the patient in their entire defecation process.  


  • Improving the quality of mobility impaired individuals and patients in hospital 
  • Increases the independence and social integration
  • Upholding the sense of self-dignity 
  • It prevents the inpatients falls by 90% 
  • Reducing the number of caregivers from a single patient from 3 to 1

Building the venture

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur from my childhood; the passion towards the entrepreneurship and satisfaction of solving a social need made me start Dhanvantri Biomedical to solve the most of need of immobile population – defecation assistance with innovative product Sahayatha.

Enlisting the workforce :

We were looking for the person who are interested and also connected to the problem statement in which we are working. After searching for a long period, we got as per requirement which helped us lot, this is our first hiring experience.

Surging the sphere

We have planned to increase the size of manufacturing batch. In addition, we are taking a step-in marketing and awareness creation of the product to reach the large customers.

Setting the boundaries of balance

Be mindful that work-life balance, or integration, is something that you must define for yourself. The things that are meaningful to you will not necessarily be meaningful to others. Yes, it is possible to balance the personal and professional life. It’s our responsibility to oversee the balance in your life. Taking control by setting clear goals and boundaries. Be sure to schedule your time for each area that is valuable to you and commit to it. Let others know where you stand by communicating with key stakeholders. The more you balance your life, the more your business will thrive.

The strapping outlooks

In next 5 years down the line, we are looking forward to 

  • Touching the life of 10,000 + customers , by enhancing their quality of life 
  • Spread the sales and awareness about the problem as well as the product pan India and globally 
  • Start 5 plus franchises of Dhanvantri Biomedical .